Little Things

Little Things
Choreographer: Pat Stott
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner line Dance
Music: Little Things - Paul Bailey

Music available from - and From iTunes

Commence after 16 counts

Charleston x 2
1-2 Step forward on right, swing left toe round and touch forward
3-4 Step back on left, swing right foot round and touch right toe back
5-8 Repeat steps 1-4

Rumba Box With 1/4 Right, 3 Toe Struts Back, Close
1&2 Step right to right, close left to right, step right forward turning 1/4 right
3&4 Step left to left, close right to left, step back on left
5-8 3 toe struts back (RLR), close left to right (swinging arms to sides as you strut)

Touch out, in out, Behind, Side, Cross, Touch out, in, out, Behind, Side, Cross
1&2 Touch right toe to right, touch right toe next to left, touch right to right
3&4 Step right behind left, left to left, cross right over left
5&6 Touch left toe to left, touch left toe next to right, touch left to left
7&8 Step left behind right, right to right, cross left over right

Side Strut, Rock Back, Recover, Side Strut, Rock Back, Recover, Walk, Walk, 4 Small Runs Forward
1&2& Right toe to right, lower heel, rock back on left, recover (swing arms back & forward on the rock, recover)
3&4& Left toe to left, lower heel, rock back on right, recover (swing ams back & forward on the back, recover)
5-6 Walk forward right, left
7&8& 4 small runs forward (RLRL) (optional bend knees slightly as you run forward)

Ending: Finish with 3 runs forward taaa daaa!

Dance Video