Leaving You

Choreographer: Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer
Description 64 Count 2 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried - Rodney Crowell: Greatest Hits by Rodney Crowell

16 count intro (start on the vocals)

[1-8] Cross Rock Recover Side Scuff Toe Strut Toe Strut
1-4 Cross rock Right over Left, recover, step Right to side, scuff Left over Right
5-8 Touch Left toe over Right, drop weight to Left heel, touch Right toe to side, drop weight to Right heel

[9-16] Cross Back Side Cross Kick Step Kick Step
1-4 Cross Left over Right, step back on Right, step Left to side, cross Right over Left
5-8 Kick Left forward (travelling to Left diagonal, step Left beside Right, kick Right forward, step Right beside Left

[17-24] Rock Recover Lock Step Side Cross Step
1-4 Rock forward Left (still facing Left diagonal), recover, step back on Left, lock Right over Left
5-8 Step back on Left, step Right to side (12:00), cross Left over Right, step Right beside Left

[25-32] Swivel RLR Clap Monterey 1/4 Right
1-4 Swivel both heels Right, swivel both toes Right, swivel both heels Right, clap hands
5-8 Point Right to side, 1/4 Right (3:00) step Right beside Left, point Left to side, step Left beside Right

[33-40] Side Rock Recover Cross Side Rock Recover Behind 1/4 Right Step Forward Step Forward
1-5 Rock Right to side, recover, cross Right over Left, rock Left to side, recover
6-8 Step Left behind Right, 1/4 Right (6:00) step forward Right, step forward Left

[41-48] Tap Right Heel Step Tap Left Heel Step Step Forward Touch Step Back Kick Right
1-4 Tap Right heel forward, step Right beside Left, tap Left heel forward, step Left beside Right
5-8 Step forward Right, touch Left beside Right, step back on Left, kick Right forward

[49-56] Coaster Step Step Forward Step Pivot 1/2 Left Step Pivot 1/4 Left
1-4 Step back on Right, step Left beside Right, step forward on Right, step forward on Left
5-8 Step forward on Right, pivot 1/2 turn Left (12:00), step forward on Right, pivot 1/4 turn Left (9:00)

[57-64] Cross Back Side Cross Back 1/4 Left Step Side Cross Side
1-4 Cross Right over Left, step back on Left, step Right to side, cross left over Right
5-8 Step back on Right, 1/4 Left (6:00) step Left to side, cross Right over Left, step Left to side