Learn to Turn

Choreographed by Alan Haywood
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
32 count intro, start on vocals
Website: www.rompinrodeo.co.uk
Choreographed to I'd Love You to Love Me by Emilio from Most Awesome 10 album 125bpm
Alternative tracks Dog House Blues - Get a Little Closer by Ricky Lynn Gregg from the Most Awesome 10 album 127 bpm Never Stop Me Loving You by Glenn Rogers from the Colourslide album - 130bpm

This dance has been written to help beginners to turn! You can use any music that you like, country, pop etc and it seems to fit. I have listed 3 tracks above that I found good for my beginners.

Section 1 Walk Forward L R L, Scuff, R Forward, 1/2 L, R Forward, 1/4 L
1-2 Step forward left, step forward right
3-4 Step forward left, scuff right forward
5-6 Step forward right, pivot 1/2 left
7-8 Step forward right, pivot 1/4 left

Section 2 1/4 R Shuffle, L Forward 1/2 R, L Forward Shuffle, Rock, Recover
1&2 Step right to right side, close left next to right, step right 1/4 right
3-4 Step forward left, pivot 1/2 right
5&6 Step forward left, close right next to left, step forward left
7-8 Rock forward onto right, recover weight back onto left

Section 3 1/2 R Monterey, R Heel, Together, L Heel, Together
1-2 Point right out to right side, pivot 1/2 turn right stepping right next to left
3-4 Point left to left side, step left next to right
5-6 Touch right heel forward, step right next to left
7-8 Touch left heel forward, step left next to right

Section 4 R Vine, 1/4 R, Scuff, L Forward, 1/2 R, L Forward, 1/4 R
1-2 Step right to right side, cross step left behind right
3-4 Step right 1/4 right, scuff left forward
5-6 Step left forward, pivot 1/2 right
7-8 Step left forward, pivot 1/4 right (weight ends on right)