Last Marathon Cowboy

Choreographer: Arto Liekola
Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner
Music: Last Living Cowboy by Toby Keith (Album: Drinks After Work)

Dance of the 13th Country Line Dance Marathon

Side Touch, Together, Hold, Forward, Mambo Step, Hold
1-2 Touch right to right side, touch right together
3-4 Step right forward, hold
5-6 Rock left forward, weight back on right
7-8 Step left back, hold

Slow Coaster Step, Hold, Lock Step, Hold
9-10 Step right back, step left together
11-12 Step right forward, hold
13-14 Step left forward, lock right behind left
15-16 Step left forward, hold

1/2 Step Turn, Step, Hold x 2
17-18 Step right forward, turn 1/2 left
19-20 Step right forward, hold
21-22 Step left forward, turn 1/2 right
23-24 Step left forward, hold

Slow Sailor Step, Hold, 1/4 Turn Slow Sailor Step, Hold
25-26 Cross right behind left, step left together
27-28 Step right diagonal right, hold
29-30 Cross left behind right, turning 1/4 left step right together
31-32 Step left forward, hold