Keep 'em Comin

Choreographer: Larry Bass
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Keep Them Kisses Comin’ by Craig Campbell. CD: Never Regret [BPM: 120]

Start after 16 counts on vocals)

Kick & Touch & Heel & Cross; Side Rock Step, Behind & Cross
1& Kick Right diagonally forward to right, Step Right beside Left
2& Touch Left beside Right, Step Left slightly back
3& Touch Right heel forward, Step Right beside Left
4 Step Left across Right
5-6 Rock Right to right; Recover left onto Left
7&8 Cross step Right behind Left, Step Left to left, Cross step Right over Left

Kick & Touch & Heel & Cross; Side Rock Step, Behind & Cross
9& Kick Left diagonally forward to left, Step Left beside Right
10& Touch Right beside Left, Step Right slightly back
11& Touch Left heel forward, Step Left beside Right
12 Step Right across Left
13-14 Rock Left to left; Recover right onto Right
15&16 Cross step Left behind Right, Step Right to right, Cross step Left over Right

Side Triple Step, Syncopated Rock Steps; Crossover Triple Step, Side Rock Step With 1/4 Turn
17&18 Triple step Right, Left, Right to right
19& Rock Left across Right, Recover back onto Right
20& Rock Left back, Recover forward onto Right
21&22 Step Left across Right, Step Right slightly to right, Step Left across Right
23-24 Rock Right to right; Turn 1/4 turn left recover onto Left (9:00)

Forward Triple Step, Step 1/2 Pivot; 1/2 Turn Triple Step, Rock Step Back
25&26 Triple step forward Right, Left, Right
27-28 Step Left forward; Pivot 1/2 turn right onto Right (3:00)
29&30 Triple step Left, Right, Left turning 1/2 turn right (9:00)
31-32 Rock Right back; Recover forward onto Left

Start Over

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