Just one of the Boys

Choreographed by Barbara Prosen
Description 64 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance
Music: Just One Of the Boys by Michelle Poe
(CD available at www.dreamworksnashville.com)

Vine Right, Turning Vine Left
1-4 Step R side, cross L behind R, step R side, touch L toe next to R
5-8 Step L with 1/4 turn L, step R with 1/4 turn L, step L behind R with 1/2 turn L, touch R toe next to L

Right Lock Forward, Left Lock Forward
8-12 Step R forward on R diagonal, slide L up behind R (3rd position), step R forward, scuff L
13-16 Step L forward on L diagonal, slide R up behind L (3rd position), step L forward, scuff R

1/2 Pivot Turn, 1/4 Pivot Turn, Jazz Box
17-18 Step R forward, pivot 1/2 turn L switching weight to L
19-20 Step R forward, pivot 1/4 turn L switching weight to L
21-24 Cross R over L, step back L, step back R, step L forward

Right Step Slide, Left Step Slide
25-28 Step R side, slide L next to R, step R side, touch L next to R
29-32 Step L side, slide R next to L, step L side, touch R next to L

Right Side Rock Cross, Left Side Rock Cross
33-36 Rock R to R side, recover onto L, cross R over L, hold
37-40 Rock L to L side, recover onto R, cross L over R, hold

Right Mambo Forward, Left Mambo Back
41-44 Rock R forward, recover onto L, step R back, hold
45-48 Rock L back, recover onto R, step L forward, hold

(4X) 1/4 Monterey Right Turns
49-50 Touch R to R side, step R next to L as you turn 1/4 R
51-52 Touch L to L side, step L next to R
53-64 Repeat steps 49-52 (3x)


4-COUNT TAG (at end of 2nd repetition only)
65-68 Bump hips R,L,R,L ending with weight on L