It's Hard To Be Cool

Choreographer: Severine Fillion
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Hard To Be Cool by Joe Nichols (Album: Crickets)

Intro : 32 counts

[1-8] Rolling Vine, Stomp up, Side Triple, Rock Back
1-2 1/4 turn right stepping right fwd, 1/2 turn right stepping left back
3 1/4 turn right stepping right to right side 12:00
4 Stomp-up left next to right
5&6 Triple step left right left to left side
7-8 Rock back on right, recover on left

[9-16] Heel Switch, Stomp fwd, Right Heel Twist, Kick, Rock Back
1&2& Touch right heel fwd, recover on right, touch left heel fwd, recover on left
3 Stomp right fwd
4-5 Swivel right heel to the right, recover right heel to the center
6 Kick right fwd
7-8 Rock back on right, recover on left * Restart here on wall 3

[17-24] Step 1/2 Turn, Triple 1/2 Turn, Rock Back, Step 1/2 Turn
1-2 Right step fwd, turn 1/2 left (weight on left) 6 :00
3&4 Triple step right left right fwd 1/2 turning left 12 :00
5-6 Rock back on left, recover on right
7-8 Left step fwd, turn 1/2 right (weight on right) 6 :00

[25-32] 1/4 Turn & Vine to Left, Flick (& Slap), Stomp, Heel Twist, Stomp-Up
1-2-3 1/4 turn right stepping left to left, right cross behind left, left to left 9 :00
4 Flick right back (+ Slap right hand on right foot)
5 Stomp right fwd
6-7 Swivel both heels to the right, recover both heels to the center
8 Stomp-up right next to left (keep weight on left)

Start again and enjoy !

RESTART: After 16 counts on wall 3 at 6:00