In The Cavalry (P)

Choreographer: Mick Harris
Description 32 Count 0 Wall Fun Party - Partner Dance
Music: I Wanna Be In the Cavalry - Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! by Corb Lund

Start on vocal, 16 beats in Begin in sweetheart position.

Shuffle Forward X2 Rock Back Recover Shuffle 1/2 Turn.
1&2 shuffle forward Left Right Left
3&4 shuffle forward Right Left Right.
5-6 rock back on Left recover on Right.
7&8 shuffle 1/2 turn Right. (Left Right Left)

Rock Back, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Walk Back, Left Coaster Step.
1-2 rock back on Right, recover on Left.
3&4 shuffle 1/2 turn Left. (RLR)
5-6 walk back Left and Right.
7&8 step back on Left, step Right beside Left, step fwd on Left.

Walk Forward, Right Coaster Step, Walk Back, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.
1-2 walk forward Right & Left
3&4 step forward on Right, step Left beside Right, step back on Right.
5-6 walk back Left and Right,
7&8 stomp Left Right Left in place.

Step Pivot 1/2 X 2, Walk, Walk, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.
1-2 step forward on Right, pivot turn 1/2 Left. (drop Right hands)
3-4 step forward on Right, pivot turn 1/2 Left.
5-6 walk forward Right & Left (pick up Right hands)
7&8 stomp Right Left Right in place.

Note: At the end of the song the music will slow down.
Dance the first 2 sections to the slower tempo ending with a coaster STOMP!

Feel free to add lots of style attitude to the dance and most of all make It FUN!