Hunk of Burning Love

Choreographer: Annette Andresen
Description 32 Count 4 Wall High Beginner Line Dance
Music: Burning Love - Travis Tritt

Start after 16 counts intro

Back, Point Across, Back, Point Across, Scissor Step, 1/4 Turn R
1-4 Step back on R(1), point L across R(2), step back on L(3), point R across L(4)
5-8 Step R to side(5), step L next to R(6), cross R over L(7), step back on L making a 1/4 turn R(8) 3.00

Side, Jazz Box Travelling Backwards, Jazz Box Travelling Backwards With 1/4 Turn R
1-4 Step R to side(1), cross L over R(2), step back on R(3), step L to side R(4)
5-8 Cross R over L(5), step back on L making a 1/4 turn R(6), step R to side(7), cross slightly L over R(8) 6.00

Back, Back, Back, Touch - Forward, Forward, Forward, Scuff
1-4 Step back on R, L, R (1-3), touch L next to R(4)
5-8 Step forward L, R, L (5-7), scuff R (8) 6.00

1/4 L Toe Strut, Back Rock, L Vine, Touch
1-4 Make 1/4 turn L touch R toe(1), step R down R(2), rock back on L(3), recover on R(4)
5-8 Step L to L side(5), step R behind L(6), step L to L side(7), touch R next to L(8) 3.00


Dance Video