Hope and Love

Choreographer: Donna Manning
Description 24 Count 4 Wall Beginner Waltz Line Dance
Music: Till You Love Me - 50 Greatest Hits by Reba McEntire

Dance Begins on Roses I sent you roses (1) No Tags or Restarts

[1-6]: Right Forward Balance, Back 1/2 Turn Right
1-2-3 Step Right foot forward, Bring Left close to Right, Change weight to Right
4-5 1/4 Turn Right Stepping back on Left, 1/4 Turn Right Stepping Right Foot Forward
(1/4, 1/4 are guidelines.let your body feel the turn, because 6 will take you out to your left on an angle to be ready for 1 of the next set.)
6 Step Left out and up to Left forward diagonal (6:00)

[7-12]: Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Side, Behind
1-2-3 Cross Right over Left allowing body to travel somewhat to diagonal, Rock L to Left Side, Recover to Right
(Feel through that rock and recover don't rush it)
4-5-6 Cross Left over Right, Step Right to Right Side, Cross Left Behind Right (allow the body to angle through this) (6:00)

[13-18]: Sway Right, Pause, Recover, Cross, 1/4 Turn Right, Step Back
1-2-3 Step Right to Right Side into a Sway using 2 full counts to go Right, Recover to Left on 3
4-5-6 Cross Right over Left (prep), 1/4 Turn Right Stepping back on Left, Step Right back (9:00)

[19-24]: Step Back, Drag, Close, Left Forward Balance
1-2-3 Take a slightly larger than normal Step back on the Left, Slide Right along floor through 2, Close Right to Left on 3
4-5-6 Step Left forward, Close Right to Left, Change weight to Left (9:00)

End of Dance! It will finish facing 9:00 through the weave in the second set and the beginning of the sway in the third set…just adjust shoulders and face to front for a nice finish. Enjoy!

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