Honky Tonk Friends

Choreographed by Barb & Dave Monroe (www.poconocowboy.com)
Description: 32 count Intermediate 4 Wall Line Dance
Music: Honky Tonk Friends - Waitin' In the Country by Jason Michael Carroll 110 bpm
Waitin' In The Country by Jason Michael Carroll (112 bpm CD Waitin' In The Country)
Good Directions by Billy Currington (124bpm/CD-Doin' Something Right)
Honky Tonk Walkin' by Kentucky Headhunters (120 bpm CD The Best Of The Kentucky Headhunters)

Step Touch, Side Shuffle, Rock Step, 1/4 Turn Shuffle
1-2 Step R to side, Touch L
3&4 Side Shuffle Left Right Left
5-6 Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover L
7&8 Shuffle Right Left Right with 1/4 Turn R (now facing 3 o'clock wall)

Syncopated Weave, Heel Hold, 1/4 Turn Heel Hold
1-2 Cross Step Left over Right, Step R side
3&4 Step L behind R, Step R side, Cross Step Left over Right
5-6 Touch R heel forward, Hold
& Step R in place
7-8 Turn 1/4 Turn L and Touch L heel forward, Hold (now facing 12 o'clock wall)

Walk Forward, Kick Ball Change, Side Rock Cross
1-4 Walk forward L-Right Left Right, (optional full turn L)
5&6 L kick-ball-change
7&8 Rock L to side, Replace weight onto R, Cross step Left over Right

Rock Step, 3/4 Turn Shuffle, Shuffle, Pivot 1/2 Turn
1-2 Rock R forward diagonal, Replace weight onto L
3&4 Shuffle Right Left Right while turning 3/4 R (now facing 9 o'clock wall)
5&6 Shuffle Left Right Left forward
7-8 Step R with 1/2 turn L, weight on L (now facing 3 o'clock wall)

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