Hollywood for Partners

Choreographer Helle Ingemann Petersen & Bill Christoffersen
Description 32 Count 0 Wall Beginner Partner Dance
Music Hollywood - Cut To Impress by Maggie Rose
Sweetheart Position, Same Footwork.
Intro: 32 counts

(The dance has been adapted from “Hollywood” by Séverine Fillion, and with the consent from Séverine Filion)

Walks fwd, Step Lock Step, Step Kick, Heel Jack
1-2 Walks fwd : right left
3&4 Right step fwd, lock left cross behind right, right step fwd,
5-6 Left step fwd, right Kick fwd
&7 Right step back, touch left heel fwd
&8 Recover on left, touch right next to left

Step 1/4 Turn l, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock, Behind ¼ Step
1-2 Right step fwd, turn 1/4 left (weight on left)
Drop left hands, lady behind man, pick up left hands behind man
3&4 Right cross behind left, left to left, right cross over left
5-6 Rock step left to left side, recover on right
7&8 Cross left behind right, step ¼ right, step left fwd.

* Restart here wall 7

Drop left hands, back into Sweetheart Position

Bumps (Right & Left), Shuffle fwd, Step Touch.
1-2 Step right to right with hip bumps X 2 to right side
3-4 Hip bumps X 2 to left side (ending weight on left)
5&6 Shuffle fwd right left right
7-8 Step fwd left, touch right beside left

Heel, Hook, Shuffle fwd (Right & Left), Heel Hook
1-2 Touch right heel fwd, Hook right cross over left leg
3&4 Shuffle fwd right left right
5&6 Shuffle fwd left right left
7-8 Touch right heel fwd, Hook right cross over left leg

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