Hold You To It

Choreographer: Rachael Watkins & Tom Anderson
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Hold You To It - A.M. by Chris Young [81 BPM]

Intro: 16 counts start on lyrics

S1: Step Fwd Diagonal, Tap & Heel, Ball, Cross, Sway, Sway, Behind, 1/4, Step
1-2 Step forward right on left diagonal, Touch left behind right
&3&4 Step back on left, Place right heel forward, Step back on ball of right foot, Step left across right
5-6 Sway right, Sway left
7&8 Cross right behind left, Turn 1/4 left stepping left forward, Step right fwd

S2: Side Rock, Behind, Side, Step, Step, Pivot 1/2, Full Turn
1-2 Rock left to left side, Recover weight to right
3&4 Cross left behind right, step right to right side, cross left in front of right
5-6 Step forward right, Pivot 1/2 turn left
7&8 Full turn left stepping RLR (or shuffle forward RLR)

S3 Mambo 1/2 Turn, Step, Pivot 1/4 (with Attitude), Cross & Heel & Heel, Hitch, Step
1&2 Rock forward on left, recover weight to right, turn 1/2 left onto left
3-4 Step forward right, Pivot 1/4 left (rolling hips right to left)
5&6 Cross right over left, step left in place, place right heel forward
&7&8 Step right in place, place left heel forward, hitch left knee, step back on left

S4: Coaster Step, Brush, Toe Strut, Rocking Chair, Bounce 1/4 Turn
1&2 Step right back, Step left beside right, Step right forward
3&4 Brush left forward, Place left toe forward, Drop left heel to floor
5&6& Rock forward on right, Recover weight to left, Rock back on right, Recover weight to left
7&8 Stepping right with feet almost together, bounce heels three times turning 1/4 left

Contact: atomic2008@live.co.uk