High Class Lady

Choreographed by: Peter P de la Croix USA
Description: 64 count 4 wall line dance Beginner Intermediate level
Music: High Class Lady - Best of The Lennerockers - The Lennerockers(150 bpm)

Start On Vocals, 16 counts after heavy beat kicks in.

Section 1 Toe strut, Toe strut, Side shuffle, 1/4 Turn Right, Scuff.
1-4 Right foot Toe strut, Cross Left Over Right and Toe strut.
5-8 Side shuffle Right ,Left, 1/4 Turn Right, Scuff Left over Right.

Section 2 Cross rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn Left, Hold, Lock step, Scuff.
1-4 Rock Left Over Right, Recover On Right, Turn 1/2 Left, Hold
5-8 Step Right foot Forward, Lock Left Behind Right, Step Right Forward, Scuff Left Over Right.

Section 3 Jazz box 1/4 Turn Left, Touch, Monterey 1/2 Turn Right,Touch.
1-4 Step Left Over Right,Step Back On Right, 1/4 Turn Left On Left, Touch Right next To Left.
5-8 Monterey 1/2 Turn To Right, Touch Left Next To Right

Section 4 Continuous Vine To Left, Touch Right Next To Left.
1-8 8 Count Vine To Left,Touch Right next To Left.

Section 5 Side shuffle,1/4 Turn Right, Scuff, Cross rock, Recover,Turn 1/2 Left.
1-4 Side shuffle,Right,Left,1/4 Turn Right, Scuff Left Over Right.
5-8 Rock step Left Over Right, Recover On Right,Turn 1/2 Left, Hold

Section 6 Two Pivots, Coaster step, Hold.
1-4 Step Right Forward,Pivot Left, Step Right Forward, Pivot Left (Weight On Right)
5-8 Step Back On Left, Step Right Next To Left, Step Forward On Left, Hold

Section 7 High Class Lady Steps, Rocks With Attitude, Hold
1-4 Rock Right Slightly Forward, Recover On Left, Look up Towards Right, Rock to Right Side, Recover On Left, Look Over Right Shoulder.
5-8 Rock Right Slightly Back, Recover On Left, Look Over Left Shoulder, Touch Right To Side, Hold, Look Forward, Chin Up.
(The Individual Dancer Gives His Her Version Of the Looks of a High Class Lady with Steps and Looks)

Section 8 Jazz box 1/4 Turn Right, Jazz box 1/4 Turn Right.

1-4 Step Right Over Left, Step Back On Left, Turn 1/4 Right On Right, Step Left Next To Right.
5-8 Repeat The Above four Counts.

End Of Dance, Restart.

Music will end, when finishing the Vine(Section 4), You will be facing the 3:00 Wall, Turn 1/4 Left To Face 12:00 on Count 8.