Hey Good Girl

Choreographer: Steve Lustgraaf
Description 48 Count 2 Wall Low Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Good Girl - Good Girl - Single by Carrie Underwood

Start dance on vocals

Hip Bump Step x2, Pivot Turn x2
1&2 Touch R forward, bump R hip forward, step forward R
3&4 Touch L forward, bump L hip forward, step forward L
5-6 Step forward R, 1/2 turn left
7-8 Step forward R, 1/2 turn left

Side, Touch, Touch Ball Cross, 1/4 turn x2, Cross, Hold
9-10 Step side R, touch L next to R
11&12 Touch L to left side, step ball of L, cross R over L
13-14 1/4 turn right stepping back L, 1/4 turn right stepping side R (now facing 6 o'clock)
15-16 Cross L over R, hold

Slow Walk - Half Circle To The Left
(Starting with the R, walk a half circle left back to the front with a sultry attitude!)
17-18 Step forward R, hold & snap right fingers to right side
19-20 Step forward L, hold & snap right fingers to left side
21-22 Step forward R, hold & snap right fingers to right side
23-24 Step forward L, hold & snap right fingers to left side (12 o'clock)

Step, 1/4 Turn Left, Cross, Point, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Left
25-26 Step forward R, 1/4 turn left
27-28 Step R across L, Point L to left side (facing 9 o'clock)
29-30 Step L across R, step slightly back R
31-32 1/4 left stepping forward L, step forward R (6 o'clock)

Traveling Pivot x2, Step, Hold, Heel Switches, Hold
33-34 1/2 turn right stepping back on left, 1/2 turn right stepping forward R
35-36 Step forward L, hold (Restart here on 7th wall)
37&38 Touch R heel forward, step R next to L, touch L heel forward
&39-40 Step L next to R, touch R heel forward, hold

Triple Step Back x2, Rock Step, Walk, Walk
41&42 Step R back, step L next to R, step R back
43&44 Step L back, step R next to L, step L back
45-46 Rock back R, replace weight to L
47-48 Step forward R, step forward L

Ending: The song ends on the 9th rotation, 32 counts in. If you leave off the steps for 25-32, and instead continue the slow walk to the back wall, you can quickly turn to face the front on count 32 for a cool ending. Or make up your own and let me hear about them!

Notes: towards the end of the song, it sounds a little off rhythm, keep dancing, it comes back on.

Steve Lustgraaf email: dncntime@aol.com
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