Here's To You

Choreographer: Harold Grimshaw
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Here's to You - Broken Glass Twisted Steel by James House.

32 Count Intro

Section 1: Side Sway, Behind Side Cross, Kick Ball Cross, Side, Hold
1-2 Step RIGHT to side, Sway weight to LEFT
3&4 Step RIGHT behind, Step LEFT to side, Cross step RIGHT over Left
5&6 Kick LEFT forward, Step LEFT in place, Cross step RIGHT over Left
7-8 Step LEFT to side, HOLD

Section 2: Together, Hinge 1/2 Turn, Cross Rock, 3/4 Turn, Back, Touch
& Step Right together
1-2 (1/4 Turn Right) Step Left Back, (1/4 Turn Right) Step Right to side
3-4 Cross Step Left over Right, Rock Weight back onto RIGHT
5-6 Step Left 1/4 Left, *(1/2 Turn Left) Step RIGHT back
7-8 Step Left Back, Touch Right over Left

*RESTART HERE Wall 5 – Changing COUNT 6 to *1/4 TURN left to face 12 o’clock

Section 3: Step Fwd, Turn 1/2 Back, Coaster Back, Step, Hold, Shuffle
1-2 Step Right Forward, (1/2 Turn Right) Step Left Back
3&4 Right Coaster Back
5-6 Step Left Diagonally Forward Left, Hold
7&8 Right Shuffle Diagonally Forward Right

Section 4: Jazz Box Cross, Turn, Side, Cross Toe Strut
1-2 Left Cross Step, Step Right Back
3-4 Step Left to Side, Right Cross Step
5-6 (1/4 Turn Right) Step Left Back, Step Right to Side
7-8 Cross Left Toes over Right, Step Weight Onto Left