Hearts of Angels

Choreographed by John Sandham
Description:48 count, intermediate waltz partner circle dance
Music You Look So Good In Love - 50 Number Ones by George Strait 120 bpm
Position:Start in sweetheart position. Both on the same foot throughout
Partner waltz adapted from the line dance Heart Of An Angel

1-2-3 Turn 1/2 left on left, right, left
4-5-6 Step right back, step left back, step right back
1-6 Repeat these 6 counts
Bring right hands over lady's head. Break left hands & join in front after 1st turn. Bring left hands over lady's head & rejoin right hands to lady's shoulder

1-2-3 Step left forward, swing right out and forward
4-5-6 Step right forward, swing left out and forward

1-2-3 Step left forward, touch right to side
4-5-6 Step right back, touch left to side

1-2-3 Turn 1/4 left on left, right, left
Now facing inside the circle ILOD with both hands outstretched
4-5-6 Cross right over left, left to side, cross right behind left

1-2-3 Take a big step to left, slide right up to left
4-5-6 Take a big step to right, slide left up to right

1-2-3 Turn 1/4 left on left, touch right to side
Now facing RLOD & dropping right hands
4-5-6 Step right forward, pivot 1/2 turn left on right, touch left forward
Now facing LOD & rejoin right hands

1-2-3 Waltz forward on left, right, left
4-5-6 Waltz forward on right, left, right


TAG - If dancing to "Heart Of An Angel", repeat the final 6 counts at the start of walls 3 & 7

Hearts of an Angel Dance Video