Heartache Cha (P)

Choreographer: Barb & Dave Monroe
Count: 32 Wall: 0 Level: Intermediate Pattern Partner Circle
Music: Heartache On The Dance Floor by John Pardi

Also: Woman, Amen by Dierks Bentley

Start: Man facing OLOD & Lady facing ILOD holding both hands.
Footwork is the same to start and switches to opposite feet on the first 7-8 count. Man’s footwork is described.

Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Recover with 1/4 turn Step, Walk R, L
1-4 Rock side L, Recover R, Cross shuffle L R L
5-6 Rock side R, Turn 1/4 L stepping L
7-8 Man: Step forward R, L
7&8 Lady: Shuffle forward R L R
(now in closed dance on opposite feet with man facing LOD)

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1-2 Walk forward R L
3&4 Shuffle forward R L R
5-6 Walk forward L R
7&8 Shuffle forward L R L

Side Rock, Recover, 1/4 Turn Shuffle, Step 1/2 Turn, Shuffle
1-2Rock side R, Recover L
3&4 Turn 1/4 L shuffling R L R (facing ILOD)
5-6 Man: Step L, Turn 1/2 turn R stepping R
7&8 Shuffle in place L R L,
5-6 Lady: Step R, Turn 1/2 turn L stepping L
7&8 Shuffle 1/2 turn L stepping R L R
(now facing each other with double hand hold, man facing OLOD)

Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Side together, Side together
1-4 Step side R, Recover L, Cross shuffle R L R
5-8 Man: Step side L, Step R beside L, Step side L, Step R beside L
5-8 Lady: Step side R, Step L beside R, Step side R, Touch L beside R

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