Heart of Saturday

Choreographer: Veronica Van Vugt
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Heart of Saturday by Keith Harkin. 102 BPM.

8 count Intro. Begin on vocals. Right Rotation. No Tags or Restarts.

Shuffle R Fwd Diag Right. Shuffle L Fwd. Back. Back. Coaster Right
1&2 Turning diag right shuffle fwd Right Left Right. (2:00)
3&4 Shuffle fwd Left Right Left.
5-6 Step R back. Step L back.
7&8 Step R back. Step L tog. Step R fwd.

1/4 Left Turn Shuffle L Fwd. Shuffle R Fwd. Back. Back. Coaster Left.
1&2 Turning 1/4 left shuffle fwd Left Right Left. (10:00)
3&4 Shuffle fwd Right Left Right.
5-6 Step L back. Step R back.
7&8 Step L back. Step R tog. Step L fwd.

Fwd. Turn 1/8 Left. Weave Left. Shuffle Side. Rock. Rec.
1-2 Step R fwd. Turn 1/8 left on L. (9:00)
3&4 Step R behind L. Step L to left side. Step R over L.
5&6 Shuffle left Left Right Left.
7-8 Rock R behind L. Rec L.

Shuffle Side. Rock. Rec. Paddle 1/4 Right. Paddle 1/4 Right.
1&2 Shuffle right RLR.
3-4 Rock L behind R. Rec R.
5-6 Step R fwd. Turn 1/4 right on L.(12:00)
7-8 Step R fwd. Turn 1/4 right on L (3:00)

ENDING: At the end of last rotation, dance 4 paddles right to face 12:00, and hold till music ends.