Heart of Hearts

Choreographer: Tjwan Oei
Description: 32 Count 4 Wall Newcomer Line Dance
Music: Heart of Hearts - And So It Goes by Don Williams

Start the dance after 16 counts

Section 1 Side Step Rock Back Recover Chasse With 1/4 Turn Right Step Forward Pivot 1/2 Turn Right Lock Step Forward.
1-2-3 Step Left Foot to left side,Rock Right Foot behind left, Recover weight onto Left
4 & 5 Shuffle 1/4 right on a right, left, right
6 - 7 Step forward on Left Foot, pivot 1/2 turn right weight onto right foot,
8 & 1 Step forward on left foot, lock right behind left step forward on left

Section 2: Rock Forward Recover Triple 1/2 Turn Right Rock Forward Recover Coaster Step
2 - 3 Rock forward on Right Foot. recover weight onto Left
4 & 5 Shuffle 1/2 turn to right on a Right Left Right
6 - 7 Rock forward on Left, recover weight onto right
8 & 1 Step back on Left Foot. Close right to left, step forward on Left

Section 3: Cross Over Step Back Shuffle Back Rock Back Recover Shuffle Forward.
2 - 3 Step Right Foot over Left, step back on Left Foot
4 & 5 Right Lock Step Back, step back on Right lock left in front of Right Foot, step back on Right Foot
6 - 7 Rock back on Left Foot. Recover weight onto Right Foot.
8 & 1 Shuffle forward on a left right left.

Section 4: Rock Forward Diagonally Recover Right Chasse Rock Forward Diagonally Left Chasse
2 - 3 Rock Right Foot diagonally left forward. Recover weight onto Left.
4 & 5 Shuffle to the Right on a right left right.
6 - 7 Rock Left Foot diagonally right forward, Recover weight onto Right Foot.
8 & 1 Shuffle to the left on a left right left.

Start again

Happy dancing Veel dansplezier

Contact: H.Oei@kpnplanet.nl