Have You Seen the Rain

Choreographer: Gwen Walker
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Still the Same... Great Rock Classics of Our Time by Rod Stewart or Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival

Alt. Music: Rhythm of the Rain by The Cascades ( 16 count intro)
24 count intro, (line dance for teaching different types of triple steps) - No tags or restarts

Rock Forward, Triple Back, Rock Back, Triple Forward
1-2 Rock forward onto right, recover weight back to left.
3&4 Triple back right, right, left, right.
5-6 Rock back onto left, recover to right.
7&8 Triple forward left, left, right, left.(12:00)

Step 1/4 Turn, Crossing Triple, Side Rock, Crossing Triple.
1-2 Step right foot forward, turn 1/4 left, weight ending on left.(9:00)
3&4 Right crossing triple, cross right over left, left, right.
5-6 Side rock left to left side, recover weight to right.
7&8 Left crossing triple, cross left over right, left, right.

Rock Forward, 1/2 Turn Triple, Rock Forward, Coaster
1-2 Rock forward onto right, recover to left.
3&4 Turning 1/2 triple, right, left, right.(3:00)
5-6 Left rock forward, recover to right.
7&8 Left coaster, step left foot back, bring right back beside left, step left forward.

Step 1/2 Turn, Triple X 2.
1-2 Step right forward turn 1/2 turn left, weight ending on left.(9:00)
3&4 Right triple forward, right, left, right.
5-6 Step left forward turn 1/2 turn right, weight ending on right.(3:00)
7&8 Left triple forward, left, right, left.

Song: 'Have you ever seen the Rain', dance ends on 6:00 wall at the end of the dance, do a step 1/2 turn right to end back at front wall.
Song: 'Rhythm of the Rain', dance ends with step 1/2 turn to 12:00 wall.

Have Fun, Dance from the Heart with Joy.