Gotta Get To You

Choreographer: Diane Girard & Jacques Godin
Description: 32 Count Beginner Partner Dance
Music: Gotta Get to You - Twang by George Strait (116 bpm 8 count intro Start on Vocals)
CD Twang

Start Position: Skaters (Right Hand on Lady's Right Hip, left in front facing LOD Lady's and Man's steps the same unless otherwise stated)

Skate, Slide Together x 2 Forward Lock Step, Hold
1 - 2 Skate left foot diagonally left, slide right beside left (weight remains on left)
3 - 4 Skate right foot diagonally forward right, slide left beside right (weight remains on right)
5 - 8 Step forward on left lock right behind left step forward on left, hold

Reverse Rumba Box
1 - 4 Step right to right side, step left beside right step back on right hold
5 - 8 Step left to left side, step right beside left step forward on left hold

Jazz Box, Quarter Turn Left, Weave Right
1 - 4 Cross right over left, step back on left step right to right step forward on left
(release right hands and raise left hands over man's head, rejoin right hands facing ILOD Lady behind man in reverse indian position)
5 - 6 1/4 turn left stepping right to right side, cross left behind right
7 - 8 Step right to right side, cross left over right

Side Touch Step, 1/4 Turn Touch, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Step Forward, Hold
1 - 2 Step right to right side, touch left beside right (release right hands)
3 - 4 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left, touch right beside left, (facing RLOD)
(raise left arms over lady's head turning 1/4 left, rejoin right hands on lady's hip (back in Skaters))
5 - 8 Step forward on right pivot 1/2 turn left, step forward on right, hold (facing LOD)

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