Got My Baby Back

Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher
Description 32 Count 4 Wall High Beginner Line Dance
Music: I Got My Baby Back - Dreamers and Believers by Derek Ryan

Intro: 64 counts

RESTART: Wall 3 after 16 counts [6:00]

S1: Walk R, Swing, Back, Rock & Walk, Walk, Step Turn Step
1-2-3 Walk forward right, Swing left foot forward pointing left foot forward, Swing left foot back stepping back on left
4&5 Rock back on right, Recover on left, Walk forward on right
6 Walk forward left
7&8 Step forward on right, 1/2 pivot left, Step forward right [6:00]

S2: Walk L, Swing, Back, Rock & Walk, Walk , Step Turn Step
1-2-3 Walk forward left, Swing right foot forward pointing right foot forward, Swing right foot back stepping back on right
4&5 Rock back on left, Recover on right, Walk forward on left
6 Walk forward right
7&8 Step forward on left, 1/2 pivot right, Step forward left [12:00] *Restart on Wall 3

S3: R Shuffle Fwd, L Shuffle Fwd, R Mambo Fwd, Back Left Right Left
1&2 Step forward right, Step left behind right, Step forward right
3&4 Step forward left, Step right behind left, Step forward left
5&6 Step forward right, Step back on left, Step right next to left
7&8 Run back left, right, left

S4: R Coaster, Step 1/4 Cross, Syncopated Rumba Box Back
1&2 Step back on right, Step left next to right, Step forward on right
3&4 Step forward left, 1/4 pivot right, Cross left over right [3:00]
5&6 Step right to right side, Step left to right, Step back on right
7&8 Step left to left side, Step right next to left, Step forward on left

Dedicated to the Dancers of Mayflower Country Steps, Monaco