Give Me Love

Choreographer: Annika Van De Berg
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music: If You Can't Give Me Love by Paul Bailey

INTRO: 16 counts approx 8 seconds

Walk Walk Shuffle, Step Toe Tap, Step Back Sweep
1 - 2 Walk forward on right, walk forward on left, (Sway hips on walks for style)
3 & 4 Shuffle forward Right, left, right
5 - 6 Step forward on left foot (angle body towards right diagonal) tap right toe behind left (bending left knee for style)
7 - 8 Step back on right foot, sweep left leg out and back

Left Sailor Sweep, Right Sailor Sweep, (Travelling Back), Behind Side Crossing Shuffle
1 & 2 & Step left foot behind right, step right to side, step left in place, sweep right leg out
3 & 4 & Step back on right, step left to side, step right in place, sweep left leg out
5 - 6 Step left behind right, step right foot to right side
7 & 8 Cross left over right, step right foot to right side, cross left over right

Right Vine 1/2 Turn Hitch Left, Left Vine 1/4 Turn Scuff Right
1 - 2 Step right foot to right side, step left behind right
3 - 4 Step right foot to right side, 1/2 turn towards right and hitch left leg up (6.00)
5 - 6 Step left foot to left side, step right behind left
7 - 8 Step left to left side, 1/4 turn towards left and scuff right foot forward (3.00)

Cross Back 1/2 Turning Shuffle, 1/2 Turning Shuffle, Drop Back R, Kick L, Step Forward on Left
1 - 2 Cross right over left, step back on left foot
3 & 4 Step right to side making 1/4 turn right, (6.00 )step left next to right, step forward on right foot turning 1/4 right (9.00)
5 & 6 Step left to side turning 1/4 right (12.00), step right next to left, step back on left turning 1/4 right (3.00)
7 & 8 Drop back onto right foot (bending right knee) & kick left leg forward, step forward onto left foot

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