Getaway Car

Choreographer: Marianne LANGAGNE
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love - Never Going Back by Collin RAYE

Intro : 32 counts

Restart * on 5th wall - the 2 last steps of section 1 "&1" = counts "1-2"

Side, Cross Rock Fwd, Side Cha Cha, Back Rock, Kick Ball Cross
1-2-3 Step left to left side - Cross rock on right over left. Recover on to left.
4&5 Right to right side, Close left beside right, Step right to right side
6-7 Rock back on left, Recover on to right
8&1 Kick left to left diagonal, * Step left beside right, Cross right over left.

Side Sway, Sway, Side Cha Cha With 1/4 Turn, Step 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Fwd
2-3 Step left to left side - SWAY to left - SWAY to right (weight to right),
4&5 Step left to left side, Close right beside left, 1/4 left stepping forward on left
6-7 Step right forward, turn 1/2 turn left (weight to left)
8&1 Step forward on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right

Step 3/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn Side Rock, Cross, 1/4 Turn Step Back, 1/4 Turn Step Fwd, Kick Ball Change
2-3 Step forward on left - 3/4 PIVOT turn Right (weight to right),
4&5 1/4 turn right - Rock on to left side, Recover on to right, Cross left over right
6-7 1/4 turn left - Step back right - 1/4 turn left - step forward on to left
8&1 Kick Right foot forward. Step Right beside Left. Step Left in place

Walk, Walk, Shuffle Lock Step, Side, Together, Side Cha Cha
1-2 Walk forward Right, Walk forward left
4&5 Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward
6-7 Step left to left side, Close right beside left
8&1 Step left to left side, Close right beside left, Step left to left side ( Count 1 of the DANCE )

Keep smiling

You can dance on this other music:
Cruising for bruising by BASIA (iTunes ) Intro : 48 counts- No Restart

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Getaway Car Line Dance Video