Foolish Heart 4 - 2

Choreographer Bob Hocking
Description: 32 Count Intermediate Partner Dance
Music: Don't Pretend With Me - These Days by Vince Gill

Forward, Touch, Back, Touch, Right Scissor Step, Side Toe Strut, Cross Toe Strut, Coaster Cross
1 & Step forward on right, touch left beside right
2 & Step back on left, touch right beside left
3 & 4 Step right to right, step left beside, right, cross right over left
5 & Step left toe to left, Drop left heel to floor
6 & Cross step right toe over left, drop right heel to floor
7 & 8 Step back on left, step right beside left, cross left over right

Side Right, Together, Forward, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right, Step, Toe-Heel Stomp x 2
1 & 2 Step right to right side, step left beside right, step forward on right
3 & 4 Step forward on left, pivot 1/2 turn right, step forward on left (RLOD)
5 & Touch right toe beside left, (right knee turned in).
Touch right heel diagonally forwd right
6 Stomp forward on right
7 & Touch left toe beside right (left knee turned in) Touch left heel diagonally forward on left
8 Stomp forward on left
Note counts 5 - 8 above should travel slightly forward

Step Pivot 1/4 Turn Left, Cross, Vine 1/4 Turn Left, Heel, Hook, Heel, Back, Touch, Step, Touch
1 & 2 Step forward on right, pivot 1/4 left cross right over left (OLOD)
3 & 4 Step left to left cross right behind left, 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left (LOD)
5 & Touch right heel forward hook right over left
6 & Touch right heel forward step back on right
7 & Touch left toes in front of right, step foward on left
8 Touch right beside left

Walk Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left (Lady full turn right) Forward Mambo, Coaster Step
1 & 2 Walk forward right, left, right,
3 & 4 Man: Walk forward left, right, left
Lady: Full turn right stepping left, right, left
5 & 6 Rock forward on right, recover onto left, step back on right
7 & 8 Step back on left, Step right beside, left, step forward on left

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