Fill in The Blank

Choreographer: Shirley Blankenship
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Fill in the Blank - Greg Bates - EP - Greg Bates,

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Weave Right, Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step To Right, Step Left Behind
3-4 Step Right, Left Cross Over Right
5-6 Side Rock Right,Recover On Left
7&8 Crossing Right Shuffle (RLR)

Weave Left, Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step To Left Side, Right Behind,
3-4 Step Left, Right Cross Over Left
5-6 Side Rock Left, Recover On Right
7&8 Crossing Left Shuffle (LRL)

Forward Shuffle (Right And Left) Rock, Recover
1&2 Forward Right Shuffle (RLR)
3&4 Forward Left Shuffle (LRL)
5-6 Rock Forward Right, Recover Left
7-8 Rock Back Right, Recover On Left

Pivot 1/2 Left, Fwd Shuffle, 1/4 Right, Fwd Shuffle
1-2 Step Forward Right, Pivot 1/2 Left
3&4 Right Forward Shuffle Shuffle (RLR)
5-6 Step Forward Left, Pivot 1/4 Right
7&8 Left Shuffle Forward (LRL)

Dance Will Finish At 12:00 Wall


Have Fun, Enjoy