Feels Like Love

Choreographer: Lisa M. Johns-Grose
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music This Feels a Lot Like Love - All Over the Road by Easton Corbin
(No Tags Or Restarts)

Right Fwd Left Touch Left Shuffle Back Right Back Left Tap Across Left Shuffle Fwd
1-2 Right forward, touch left next to right heel
3&4 Left shuffle back left, right, left
5-6 Step back right, touch left across right & snap
7&8 Shuffle forward left, right, left

Pivot 1/4 Left Cross Shuffle Right Left Right Left Side Rock Rec Right Cross Shuffle Left Right Left
1-2 Touch right forward, pivot 1/4 left
3&4 Crossover shuffle right, left, right
5-6 Side rock left, recover right
7&8 Crossover shuffle left, right, left

Right Side Rock Rec Left 1/4 Left Right Shuffle 1/2 Left Left Back Right Back Left Shuffle 1/2 Left
1-2 Right side rock, recover left making 1/4 turn left
3&4 Shuffle right, left, right making 1/2 turn left
5-6 Step back left, step back right
7&8 Shuffle left, right, left making 1/2 turn left

Right Rock Fwd Left Rec Back Right Coaster Left Rock Fwd Right Rec Back Left Coaster
1-2 Rock forward right, recover back left
3&4 Step back right, step left next to right, step forward right
5-6 Rock forward left, recover back right
7&8 Step back left, step right next to left, step forward left


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