Choreographer: Jan Wyllie (Aus)
Description 32 count, 2 wall, Beginner Intermediate level
Music: Who Were You Thinkin' Of (Live) - Live from Austin, TX: Texas Tornados by Texas Tornados (128 bpm)

Starts on vocals

Shuffle Right, Rock Return, Shuffle Left 1/4 Turn, Rock Return
1 & 2 Shuffle to the right side Right, Left, Right
3 - 4 Rock step Left behind Right, Rock return weight to Right
5 & 6 Shuffle to the left side Left, Right, Left making 1/4 turn right
7- 8 Rock step back on Right, Rock fwd on Left

Shuffle Fwd 1/2 Turn, Rock Back Fwd, Step Kick Ball Change Step
9 & 10 Shuffle fwd Right, Left, Right making 1/2 turn left
11 - 12 Rock step back on Left, Rock fwd on Right
13 - 14 & 15 - 16 Stomp fwd on Left, Right leg kick ball change, Stomp fwd on Right

Cross Rock Return, Shuffle Left, Cross Rock Hold, Return 1/4 Turn
17-18 Cross rock Left over Right, Rock return weight to Right
19 & 20 Shuffle to the left Lerft, right, left
21 - 22 Cross rock Right over Left, Hold ( Don't miss this hold step will you.)
23 - 24 Rock return weight to Left, Making 1/4 turn right step fwd on Right

Step Pivot 1/2, Shuffle Fwd, Rock Return Step Across, Step Tap
25 - 26 Step fwd on Left, Pivot 1/2 turn right transferring weight to Right
27 & 28 Shuffle fwd Left, Right, Left
29 & 30 Rock step Right to right side, Rock return weight to Left, Step Right across Left
31 - 32 Step Left to left, Tap Right beside Left

This is a bright little song by the Texas Tornados even though the topic of the song is a serious one regarding fidelity. Are you being unfaithful if you think of someone else at a time like that? I reckon everyone has been guilty of that at some time.
Whats that old saying you can window shop but you mustn t handle the merchandise. Anyhow, this song proves that even the Mexicans have the same problems (-: The dance is simple but catchy. Hope you enjoy it and remember, keep your mind on the job! This is not the time for FANTASY or is it? See you on the floor sometime. Jan