EZ Country Girl Shake

Choreographer: David Herman
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Country Girl (Shake It For Me) - Luke Bryan by Luke Bryan

NOTES: Why: Needed a new Beginner dance with Country music and a driving beat!

Intro: 32 counts

Tags and Restarts: None

Consistent Rhythm: Counts are 1, 2, 3&4, 5, 6, 7&8 throughout the dance.

SECTION 1 [1-8] Walk, Walk, Triple Step - Walk, Walk, Mambo Step
1-2 Begin with weight on L, walk forward 2 steps (RL)
3&4 Shuffle forward 3 steps (RLR)
5-6 Walk forward 2 steps (LR)
7&8 Rock forward on L (7), recover weight back onto R (&), step L next to R with weight on L (8)
Style Option: Exaggerate the walking motion to add some country swagger.

SECTION 2 [9-16] Walk Back, Back, Triple Back - Back, Back, Back Mambo Step
1-2 Walk back 2 steps (RL)
3&4 Shuffle back 3 steps (RLR)
5-6 Walk back 2 steps (LR)
7&8 Rock back on L (7), recover weight forward onto R (&),step L next to R with weight on L (8)
Style Option: Again, exaggerate the walking motion.

SECTION 3 [17-24]: 1/4 Pivot Left, Triple Step - 1/4 Pivot Right, Triple Step
1-2 Step forward onto R (1), pivot 1/4 turn left and transfer weight back to L (2) (9:00)
3&4 Shuffle forward 3 steps (RLR)
5-6 Step forward onto L (5), pivot 1/4 turn right and transfer weight back to R (6) (12:00)
7&8 Shuffle forward 3 steps (LRL)
Style Option: Exaggerate the hip swing on the turns. It’s all about the attitude.

SECTION 4 [25-32]: Vine Right with Chasse Right - 1/4 Turning Vine Left with Triple Step
1-2 Step R to right, step L behind R (12:00)
3&4 Step R to right (3), step L next to R (&), step R to right with weight on R (4)
5-6 Step L to left, step R behind L
7&8 Turn 1/4 left while step forward with L (7), step R behind L (&), step forward with R (8)(9:00)
Style Option: More experienced dancers can substitute Rolling Vines.

To finish facing the front wall: The music ends on count 9 of the dance. Perform counts 1 through 6. Make 7&8 a Mambo Turn, stepping back with your left foot while turning to face the front wall. On the final beat of the music, simply close your right foot next to your left. Or any other way that suits your fancy!

Contact: David Herman - linedance4life@gmail.com - www.linedance4life.com

Dance Video