Every Little Thing

Choreographer: Helen Born
Description: 32 Count 2 Wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Every Little Thing by Jennifer Nettles

In Loving Memory Of Nita Lindley

Angle Right and Left Slides, Side Shuffles
1-2 With Weight On Left Angle Left, Slide Right Foot Forward And Back
3&4 Right Side Shuffle Right, Left, Right
5-6 With Weight On Right Angle Right, Slide Left Foot Forward And Back
7&8 Left Side Shuffle Left, Right, Left

Cross Points, Hip Bumps With Heels
1-2 Cross Right Over, Touch Left To Side
3-4 Cross Left Over, Touch Right To Side
5-6 Step Down On Right, Sway Right Hip To Right As You Bring Left Heel Up
7-8 Step Down On Left, Sway Left Hip To Left As You Bring Right Heel Up

Full Left Turning Shuffle, Left Coaster
1&2 Back Shuffle Right, Left, Right
3&4 Turn 1/2 Left As You Shuffle Left, Right, Left
5&6 Turn 1/2 Left As You Shuffle Right, Left, Right
7&8 Step Left Back, Step Right Together, Step Left Forward

Rolling 1/2 Right Vine
1-2 Step Right Side, Cross Left Behind
3-4 Step Right Turn 1/4 Right, Brush Left Forward
5-6 Turn 1/4 Right Step Left To Side, Cross Right Behind
7-8 Step Left Side, Touch Right Next To Left

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