Enjoy Yourself!

Choreographer: Gaye Teather
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Enjoy Yourself - Enjoy Yourself by Billy Currington

32 count intro

Step, Hold, Forward Rock, Walk Back Twice, Coaster Cross
1-2 Step right forward, hold
3-4 Rock left forward, recover to right
5-6 Step left back, step right back
7&8 Step left back, step right together, cross left over right

Side, Together, Shuffle Forward, Side, Drag, Touch Out, Touch In
1-2 Step right to side, step left together
3&4 Chasse forward right, left, right
5-6 Long step left on left, drag right to touch beside left
7-8 Touch right to side, touch right together

Back Rock, Chasse Right, Cross Rock, Chasse Left
1-2 Rock right back, recover to left
3&4 Chasse side right, left, right
5-6 Cross rock left over right, recover to right
7&8 Chasse side left, right, left

Weave Turn 1/4 Left, Step, Turn 1/2 Left, Turn 1/4 Left, Behind (Turn 1/4 Right)
1-2 Cross right over left, step left to side
3-4 Cross right behind left, turn 1/4 left and step left forward (9:00)
5-6 Step right forward, turn 1/2 left (weight to left)
7-8 Turn 1/4 left and step right to side, cross left behind right (12:00)
& Turn 1/4 right to face new wall (3:00) and step right forward
(1-8) are a 'figure of 8' sequence completing a full turn left