Empty Pockets

Choreographer: Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Improver Line Dance
Music: If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets) - The Ultimate Hits by Joe Diffie (CD: Ultimate Hits)

Intro 16 counts, start on vocals

[1-8] Charleston-Step. Lock Step Fwd. Hold
1-2 Swing right forward and touch, swing right to side
3-4 Touch back with right, swing right forward
5-8 Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right, hold

[9-16] Cross. Hold. Back. Hold. Shuffle Half Turn. Hold
1-2 Cross left over right, hold
3-4 Step back on right, hold
5-8 Shuffle half turn left (L, R, L) (facing 6:00), hold

[17-24] Step Pivot Step. Hold. Kick. Step. Point. Hold
1-2 Step forward right, pivot half turn left (facing 12:00)
3-4 Step forward right, hold
5-8 Kick left forward, step left beside right, point right to side, hold

[25-32] Kick. Step. Point. Hold. Sailor Quarter Turn. Hold
1-4 Kick right forward, step right beside left, point left to side, hold
5-8 Sailor-step quarter turn left (facing 9:00), hold