Eatin' Right and Drinkin' Bad

Choreographed by Max Perry
Description: 32 count, 2 wall, beginner line dance
Music: Eatin' Right And Drinkin' Bad by Ronnie Beard [CD: Line Dance Fever 6]

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Forward, Together Steps, Right, Forward Together Steps Left (Merengue!)
1-4 Step right forward, step left forward, step right forward, brush left forward
5-8 Step left forward, slide/step right together, step left forward, brush right forward

2 Jazz Boxes Turning 1/4 Right per Box
1-4 Cross right over, turn 1/4 right and step left back, step right side, step left together
5-8 Repeat jazz box turning 1/4 right

Side Rock Right, Together, Clap, Side Rock Left, Together, Clap
1-4 Rock right side, step left in place, step right together, clap
5-8 Rock left side, step right in place, step left together, clap

Two 1/2 Turns Left
1-4 Step right forward and turn 1/2 left, step left in place, step right forward and turn 1/2 left, step left in place

Step out, out, in, In
5-6 Step right out to right side (small step), step left side (small step)-this is "out-out"
7-8 Step right to center (home), step left together-this is "in, in"


This dance has a fun Caribbean feeling. On the side rocks, or anywhere else you may want to use a hip action (Cuban motion) to add to the Latin feel. Make no mistake though, because this is good solid country music!