Drink To That

Choreographer: Nicole Martorana
Description 32 count 2 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Drink to That All Night - High Noon by Jerrod Neimann

(Step Touch, Shuffle Left, Rock Recover, Shuffle Right 1/4 Turn)
1, 2Step side left, touch right
3&4 step out left, step together right, step out left
5,6 step back right, recover forward on left
7&8 step out right, step together left, step out right "while turning to wall 2 to the left"

(Rock Back Recover, Kick Ball Change Step 1/2 Turn (Unwind), Kick Ball Change)
1,2 step back on left, recover forward on right
3&4 kick left, step back left, step forward right
&5,6 step side on left, right step (on ball of foot) behind left, 1/2 turn " over right shoulder " (unwind)
7&8 kick left, step back left, step forward right

(Step Touch Heel And Toe Step 1/4 Turn, Cross Shuffle)
1,2 step forward on left, toe touch side with right
3&4 heel forward right, step on right and toe behind with the left
5,6 step forward on left, 1/4 turn (over right shoulder)
7&8 step across left over right, right together to left, and step cross on left

(Rock Recover Sailor Step, Step, Full Turn, Heel Toe)
1,2 step side right, recover on left
3&4 step right behind left, step together with left, step side right
5,6 left step (on ball of foot) behind right, full turn "over left shoulder" (unwind)
7,8 heel forward on right, touch right next to left


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