Down On The Corner

Choreographer: Peter Metelnick
Description: 32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Down On the Corner - King of the Hill (Music from and Inspired by the TV Series King of the Hill) by The Mavericks The Way You Love Me by Faith Hill, Love Rules by the Kinleys (Stepping Country 3 Album) Whatever Comes First by Sons of the Desert (Stepping Country 3 Album) Houston by the Bellamy Bros (Start 2nd time they sing Houston)

Cross Rock, Chasse Right, Cross Rock, Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left
1 - 2 Cross rock right over left, facing 11 o Clock, rock back onto left
3 & 4 Step right to right side, close left beside right, step right to right side
5 - 6 Cross rock left over right, facing 1, o clock rock back onto right
7 & 8 Shuffle step 1/2 turn left, stepping left, right, left

Forward Rock, 3/4 Triple Turn Right, Cross Rock, Coaster Step
9 - 10 Rock forward on right, facing 7 o clock Rcok back on left
11 On ball of left make 1/2 turn right stepping forward right
& On ball of right make 1/4 turn right stepping left beside right
12 Step right slightly to right side
13 - 14 Cross rock left over right, facing 5, o clock rock back onto right
15 & 16 Step back left, step right beside left step forward left
Note step 15 should be straight back facing 3 o clock wall

Walk Forward, Toe Touches, Right Shuffle, Step 1/2 Pivot Right
17 - 18 Step forward right, step forward left
19 - 20 Touch right toe forward, touch right toe back
21 & 22 Step forward right, close left beside right, step forward right
23 - 24 Step forward left, pivot 1/2 turn right

Walk Forward, Toe Touches, Left Shuffle, Step 1/2 Pivot Left
25 - 26 Step forward left, Step forward right
27 - 28 Touch left toe forward, touch left toe back
29 & 30 Step forward left, close right beside left, step forward left
31 - 32 Step forward right, pivot 1/2 turn left