Down In The Woods

Choreographer: Michael Siebke (Isle Of Man)
Description 32 count, 4 wall, beginner intermediate level
Music: Walkin' In the Country - In the Ranch by Keith Urban & The Ranch; Take It Back by Reba McEntire

Start On Lyrics

Walk forward, Heel Dig, Walk Back, Ball Change
1-4 Walk forward right, left, right, dig left heel forward
5-7 Walk back left, right, left
&8 Step back on right, step forward on left

Walk forward, Touch, Step Back, Hitch, Stomp, Stomp
1-4 Walk forward right, left, right, touch L next to R
5-6 Step back on left, hitch up right knee while scooting back on L
7-8 Stomp right in place, stomp left next to right

Chasse Right, Rock, Recover, Rolling Vine
1&2 Step right to right side, step left close to right, step right to right side
3-4 Rock left in front of right, step back on right (recover)
5-8 Rolling vine to left (touching right next to left)

Kick, Kick, Sailor Turn, Heel Grind, Coaster Step
1-2 Kick right forward twice
3&4 Swing right out and behind L while making a 1/4 turn to R, step left in place, step right in place
5-6 Step forward onto left heel, pivot 1/2 a turn left falling back onto right
7&8 Step back on left, step right next to left, step left forward