Down in the Islands

Choreographer: David Linger
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Island Song - Uncaged by Zac Brown Band 146 BPM

Start of the dance : after 4x8 counts, on the lyrics at 14 seconds…

3 Side Steps to the Left, Hold, 3 Side Steps to the Right, Hold
1 - 3 L step to the left, R step close to L, L step to the left
4 Hold
5 - 7 R step to the right, L step close to R, R step to the right
8 Hold

Sways with Hold, 3 Steps Forward, Hold
1 - 2 Feet apart, transfer the weight of the body on L, hold
3 - 4 Transfer the weight of the body on R, hold
Option : L step on place, touch (tap) R close to L, R step to the right, touch (tap) L close to R
5 - 7 3 steps (L-R-L) forward (like running)
8 Hold

Step, Touch, Step, Kick, 3 Steps Backward, Hold
1 - 2 R step forward, touch (tap) L behind R
3 - 4 L step backward, R kick D forward
5 - 7 3 steps (R-L-R) backward (like running)
8 Hold

Step, Kick, Step, Kick, 4 Steps on Place with 1/2 Turn Left
1 - 2 L step to the left, R kick in left diagonal
3 - 4 R step to the left, L kick in right diagonal
5 - 8 4 steps (L-R-L-R) on place with 1/2 progressive turn to the left (6:00)

Final : Dance the last 4 counts slowly to make a progressive complete turn to face 12:00

Especially created for the first students of BREIZH LINE DANCE
Keep going on this Reggae song Peace Cowboys, Peace Cowgirls !!! ;-D

Be Cool, Smile & Have Fun