Cross My Heart

Choreographed by Gita Renik
Description: 32 count, 2 wall, beginner line dance
Music: I Don't Know by The Dean Brothers [CD: Stuck On You]

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Right Kick Ball Cross Chasse Pivot
1&2 Kick right forward, step in place, cross left over taking weight
3&4 Chassé side right left right
5-6 Rock left back, rock in place on right
7-8 Step left forward, turn 1/2 right (weight to right)

Left Kick Ball Cross Chasse Pivot
9 Kick left forward
&10 Step left in place, cross right over taking weight
11&12 Chassé side left right left
13-14 Rock right back, rock in place on left
15-16 Step right forward, turn 1/2 left (weight to left)

Diagonal Forward Toe Struts
17-18 Moving diagonally left, strut right toe (then heel) across the left
19-20 Strut left toe (then heel) to left side
21-24 Repeat 17-20

Jazz Box 1/4 Turns Right
25 Cross right over
26 Step left back
27 Step right foot to make 1/4 turn right
28 Step left together
29-32 Repeat 25-28