Cowboy Wedding

Choreographer: Nicola Thompson (UK)
Beginner 32 Count Partner Dance
Music: A Cowboy Wedding by Joni Harms(103 bpm)
CD: Joni Harms - After All (2001)
Alt Music: Dolly Parton - Marry Me (114 bpm), The Mavericks - Here Comes My Baby (91 bpm)

Starting in sweetheart position
Walk Right, Left, Run Steps Right, Left, Right, walk Left, Right Run Steps Left, Right, Left

1 - 2 Walk forward Right then Left
3 & 4 Run forward Right, Left, Right
5 - 6 Walk forward Left then Right
7 & 8 Run forward Left, Right, Left

Right Heel Hook and Right Shuffle Forward, Left Heel Hook and Left Shuffle Back
1 - 2 Right Heel dig forward and Hook Right heel to Left knee
3 & 4 Right Shuffle Forward stepping Right, Left, Right
5 - 6 Left Heel dig forward and Hook Left heel to Right knee
7 & 8 Left Shuffle Backwards stepping Left, Right, Left

Turn Inwards and bow Turn Back LOD and Right Shuffle Forward, Left Pivot 1/2 Turn Right and Left Shuffle Forwards RLOD
Let go of hands
1 - 2 Cross rock Back on Right 1/4 left making a curtsey to your gentleman, recover on your left
1 -2 Step 1/4 rock turn to your Right and tip your hat to you lady, recover on your left
Back to Sweetheart position
3 & 4 Right shuffle forward stepping Right, Left, Right
5 - 6 Step forward Left and pivot 1/2 turn to your Right, stepping on your Right facing RLOD
7 & 8 Left shuffle forward stepping Left, Right, Left RLOD

Step Back Right 1/2 Turn Left, Right Mambo Forward 1/4 to Right, Sway hips Left, Right and Left Shuffle 1/4 Turn left LOD
1 - 2 Step back on Right make a 1/2 turn to Left stepping forward on Left facing LOD
3 & 4 Right Mambo step forward replacing right next to Left with a 1/4 turn to Right
5 - 6 With hands on hips, sway Left and Right
7 & 8 Left shuffle with 1/4 Left (LOD) stepping Left, Right, Left

Start Again and SMILE