Cowboys And Pickup Trucks

Choreographer: Adrian Helliker
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Cowboys and Pickup Trucks - Cowboys and Pickup Trucks - Single by Nathan T Hunt

Intro: 8 Counts into the track

[1-8] Right Side Shuffle, Rock Recover, Left Side Shuffle, Rock Recover
1&2 Step right to side, step left together, step right to side
3-4 Rock left back, recover to right
5&6 Step left to side, step right together, step left to side
7-8 Rock right back, recover to left

[9-16] Walk x2, Kick Ball Change, Rock Forward, Recover, 1/2 Turn Shuffle
1-2 Walk forward right, walk forward left
3&4 Kick right forward, step ball right back, step left forward
5-6 Rock forward on right, recover on left
7&8 1/2 shuffle turn right – stepping right, left, right (6:00)

[17-24] Rock Forward, Recover, Left Coaster Step, Right Kick Ball Step X2
1-2 Rock forward on left, recover on right
3&4 Step back on left, step back on right, step left forward
5&6 Kick right forward, step right in place, step left forward
7&8 Kick right forward, step right in place, step left forward

* Restart here during wall 3 - dance up to 24 counts and restart the dance facing 12:00

[25-32] Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side , Cross Right & Left (x2)
1–2 Rock right to right side, recover on left
3&4 Step right behind left, step left to left side, step right across left
5–6 Rock left to left side, recover on right
7&8 Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left across right