Country Club

Choreographed by Kathy McKee
Description: 36 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance
Music: Country Club - The Very Best of Travis Tritt (Remastered) by Travis Tritt 128 bpm

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Two Kick Ball Changes
1&2 Right kick ball change
3&4 Right kick ball change

Grapevine Right
5 Step right side
6 Cross left behind
7 Step right side
8 Stomp left together

Two Kick Ball Changes
9&10 Kick left forward, step on left then right
11&12 Kick left forward, step on left then right

Grapevine Left
13 Step left side
14 Cross right behind
15 Step left side
16 Cross right up and behind left and slap with left hand

Hip Bumps
17 Hip forward
18 Hip forward
19 Bump hips backward
20 Bump hips backward

1/4 Turn, Step
21 Turn 1/4 left and step right forward
22 Cross left behind

Kick, Kick, Back Three, Hitch
23 Kick right forward
24 Kick right forward
25 Step right back
26 Step left back
27 Step right back
28 Hitch left

Step, Touch, Step, Hitch
29 Step left forward
30 Touch right toe to back of left knee
31 Step right back
32 Hitch left

Step, Slide, Step, Stomp
33 Step left forward
34 Slide step right together
35 Step left forward
36 Stomp right together