Country Bro

Country Bro
Choreographer: Michelle Wright
Description 16 Count 4 Wall Easy Beginner Line Dance
Music: That's Country Bro - Toby Keith

Section 1: R Heel Pump L Weave L Heel Pump R Weave
1-2 tap R heel diagonal x 2
3&4 cross R behind, step side left, cross R over L
5-6 tap L heel diagonal x2
7&8 cross L behind R, step side R, cross L over R

Section 2: R Rocking Chair, Syncopated Toe Touches, R Flick ¼ Turn
1-2-3-4 Rock forward R recover L rock back R recover L
(Can replace rocking chair with 2 step ½ pivots to increase difficulty)
5& Touch R toe to R side step R next to L
6& Touch L toe to L side step L next to R
7-8 Touch R toe to R side, Flick R foot behind making a ¼ turn L ending with weight on L

End of dance

Have fun and enjoy!

Any questions email