Coming Home

Choreographer: Doogie Dance
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate line dance
Music: Johnny Come Lately - Copperhead Road by Steve Earle,

Start on main beat: 28 secs in

Right Toe Points, Right Shuffle, Left Toe Points, Left Shuffle.
1-2 Point Right Toe Forward, Point Right Toes Back,
3&4 Right Shuffle Forward,
5&6 Point Left Toe Forward, Point Left Toe Back
7&8 Left Shuffle Forward

Rock & Recover Triple Full Turn, Rock & Recover Triple 1/2 Turn.
1-2 Rock Forward on Right, Recover on Left,
3&4 Triple Full Turn Right, Right Left Right
5&6 Rock Forward on The Left, Recover on The Right
7&8 Triple 1/2 Turn Left, Left Right Left

Right & Left Scissors, Right Mambo Forward, Left Lockstep Back
1&2 Rock right to right side, Left Next To Right, Cross Right Over Left
3&4 Rock Left to Left Side, Right Next To Left, Cross Left Over Right
5&6 Rock Forward on Right, Recover on Left, Step Back on Right
7&8 Step Back on Left, Cross Right Over Left, Step Back Left

Right Coaster Step, Left Step, 1/2 Pivot, Step, Triple Full Turn Left, Left 1/4 Sailor Step
1&2 Step Right Back, Step Left Next to Right, Step Right Forward
3&4 Step Left Forward, 1/2 Pivot Turn to Right, Step Left Forward
5&6 Triple Full Turn Left, RLR
7&8 1/4 Left Turn Placing Left Behind Right, Right to Right Side, Step forward on Left.