Coming Back a Country Song

Choreographer: Marie Crater
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Gonna Come Back As a Country Song - Thirty Miles West by Alan Jackson

Step Forward, Touch Behind, Step Back, Kick, Slow Coaster Step, Scuff
1-4 Step forward on right, touch left behind right, step back on left, kick right forward.
5-8 (Slow Coaster) Step back on right, together with left, step forward on right, scuff left forward.

Vine Left, 1/4 Turn Left, Scuff, Rocking Chair
1-4 Step left to side, step behind with right, turn 1/4 to left on left, scuff right forward
5-8 Rock forward on right, rock back on left, rock back on right, forward on left.

Step Forward Right, Step Forward on Left, Twist Heels, Toe Strut Back
1-4 Step forward on right, close left next to right, twist heels to left then to right.
5-8 Right toe back, heel down, left toe back, heel down.

Right Scissors Step, Left Scissors Step
1-4 Step right to right, slide left to right, cross right over left and hold.
5-8 Step left to left, slide right to left, cross left over right and hold.

Repeat Dance - No Tags No Restarts