Chip Chip

Choreographed by David Eddison
Description: 32 count 4 wall Beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Chip, Chip by Rustie Blue and Bill Anderson (BPM 113) Album Chip Chip by Rustie Blue available from CD Baby

16 count intro:

Kick Left Front, Side, 1/4 Sailor Turn,Left Kick Right Front Side, 1/4 Sailor Turn Right
1 - 2 Kick left foot forward, kick left foot left side,
3 & 4 Swing left foot behind right,(start 1/4 turn left,) step right to right side (finish 1/4 turn) Replace weight onto left foot,
5 - 6 Kick right foot forward, kick right foot to right side,
7 & 8 Swing right foot behind left (start 1/4 right) step left to left side
(finish 1/4 turn right) replace weight onto right foot,
(you should be facing 12 o Clock again)

Rock Forward, Replace, Lock Step Moving Back, Rock Back Replace Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left
9 - 10 Rock forward on left foot, replace weight onto right
11 & 12 Step back on left foot, lock right in front of left, step back on left foot,
13 - 14 Rock back on right foot, replace weight onto left
15 & 16 Shuffle 1/2 turn left on a right, left, right

Left Side Rock, Replace, Cross Shuffle, Right Side, Rock, Replace, Cross Shuffle
17 - 18 Rock left foot to left side, replace weight onto right
19 & 20 Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right
21 - 22 Rock Right to right side, replace weight onto left
23 & 24 Cross right over left, step left foot to left side, cross right over left

Side, Behind, Shuffle 1/4 Left, Rock, Replace, Coaster Step
25 - 26 Step left side, step right behind left,
27 & 28 Shuffle 1/4 left on a left, right, left
29 - 30 Rock forward on right foot, replace weight onto left
31 & 32 Step back on right foot, close left foot next to right, step forward on right foot.