Can I Count On You

Choreographer: Willem en Anthoneta Snell, The Netherlands
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, Beginner Intermediate line dance
Music: Can I Count On You by Simon Titaley & McBride & The Ride

Intro: Starts after 16 counts

Left Weave, Left Side Rock,Recover, Cross & Cross
1-4 Step Left to side, Cross Right behind Left, step Left to side, cross Right over Left
5-6 Rock Left to Left side, Recover on Right
7&8 Cross Left over Right, step Right to side, cross Right over Left

Right forward Rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn Right Triple Step, Left forward rock, Recover, Left Coaster Cross
1-2 Forward rock on Right, Recover on Left
3&4 Triple step 1/2 turn right by stepping Right, Left, Right
5-6 Forward rock on Left, recover on Right
7&8 Step back on Left, step Right next to Left, cross Left over Right

1/4 Turn Left, Side, Shuffle Forwards, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Left, Touch
1-2 1/4 turn left on Right, step Left to side
3&4 Step forward on Right, step Left next to Right, step forward on Right
5-8 Cross Left over Right, 1/4 turn left on Right, step Left to side, touch Right next to Left

Full Turn Right with Chassé, Left Lunge Diagonal, Recover, 1/4 Turn Left, Cross, Hitch
1-2 1/4 turn right on Right, 1/2 pivot right, stepping back on Left
3&4 1/4 turn right, step Right to side, close Left beside Right, step Right to side
5-6 Cross Left over Right, recover on Right
&7-8 1/4 turn Left, step Left on side, cross Right over Left, Left Knee hitch

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