Call Me (partner)

Call Me (partner)
Choreographer: Ann Williams
Description 32 Count 0 Wall Beginner Intermediate Partner Circle Dance
Music: Write My Number On Your Hand - Clear As Day by Scotty McCreery

Position:Start facing LOD. Inside hands behind partners back. Man's steps listed.
Opposite footwork throughout, except where stated

Start dancing on lyrics

Step Cross Touch, (Hands & Feet) Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn
1-2 Step right forward, cross touch left over
Touch outside hands and feet
3&4 Chasse forward left right left
5-6 Rock right forward, recover to left
7&8 Chasse back right left right turning 1/2 right
Turn in towards partner releasing hands and join inside hands facing RLOD

Step 1/2 Turn, Shuffle, 1/2 Turn, 1/4 Turn, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step left forward, turn 1/2 right (weight to right) (LOD)
Release hands for turn and join inside hands
3&4 Chasse forward left right left
5-6 Turn 1/2 left and step right back, turn 1/4 left and step left side
7&8 Crossing chassé right left right
Turn away from partner, releasing hands and join in open double hand hold when facing partner. Man facing OLOD, lady facing ILOD

Weave, Side, Together, Chasse
1-4 MAN: Step left side, cross right behind, step left side, cross right over
LADY: Step right side, cross left behind, step right side, cross left over
5-6 Step left side, step right together
7&8 Chasse side left right left

Rock 1/4 Turn, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Rock, Recover, Shuffle
1-2 Turn 1/4 right and rock right back, recover to left (RLOD)
3&4 Chasse forward right left right turning 1/2 left
Release right hand for 1/4 turn, release hands for 1/2 turn. Place inside hands behind partners back after turns
5-6 Rock left back, recover to right
7&8 Chasse forward left right left


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