California Blue

Choreographer Jean Bridgeman (UK)
48 count, 4 wall, Intermediate
Music: California Blue - The Very Best of Roy Orbison by Roy Orbison

Right Side Behind. Right Sailor Step 1/2 Pivot X2
1 - 2 Step Right Foot To Right Side, Cross Left Behind Right Foot
3 & 4 Cross Right Foot Behind Left, Step To Side On Left Foot, Step In Place On Right Foot.
5 - 6 Step Forward Onto Left Foot. 1/2 Pivot Turn Right
7 - 8 Step Forward Onto Left Foot 1/2 Pivot Turn Right.
9 -16 Repeat Section 1 To Left Side

Right Diagonal. Lock Step. Shuffle Rock Step. 1/2 Triple Turn
17 -18 Step Right Foot Forward Facing Right Diagonal. Lock Left Foot Behind Right Foot
19 & 20 Step Forward Right Foot ,close Left Foot To Right, Step Forward Right
21 - 22 Rock Forward Onto Left Foot ,rock back In Place On Right Foot
23 & 24 1/2 Triple Turn Left Stepping Left, Right, Left.
25 - 32 Repeat Section 2

Side Behind. Side Shuffle 1/4 Turn. 1/2 Pivot Turn. Shuffle
33 - 34 Step Right Foot To Right ,side Cross Left Behind Right,
35 & 36 Step Right Foot To Right Side. Close Left Foot To Right Foot Step Right Foot 1/4 Turn Right.
37 - 38 Step Forward Left Foot, 1/2pivot Turn
39 - 40 Right Step Left Foot Forward. Close Right Foot Beside Left, Step Forward Onto Left.

Full Turn. Shuffle. Rock Step. Coaster Cross
41 Pivot On Ball Of Left Foot 1/2 Turn Left Stepping Back On Right Foot
42 On Ball Of Right Foot Pivot 1/2 Turn Left Stepping Forward Onto Left Foot.
43 & 44 Step Forward Onto Right Foot. Close Left Foot To Right Foot Step Forward Onto Right Foot.
45 - 46 Rock Forward Onto Left Foot. Rock Back In Place Onto Right Foot.
47 & 48 Step Back Onto Left Foot. Bring Right Foot To Place & Cross Left Foot Over Right Foot.

California Blue Line Dance Video