Cabo San Lucas Por Dos (For 2)

Choreographed by Barb and Dave Monroe
Description: 32 Count High Beginner Circle (Partner) Dance
Adapted from the Line Dance Cabo San Lucas by Rep Ghazali
Music: Cabo San Lucas - That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy by Toby Keith (114 bpm)
Cowgirls Don’t Cry by Brooks & Dunn (114 bpm) (CD; Cowboy Town)
How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls by George Strait (114 bpm) (CD; It Just Comes Natural)
God Love Her by Toby Keith (124 bpm) (CD; That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy)
Couples Start Facing OLOD with Man behind Lady (Indian Position)

Cross Rock, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn Shuffle
1-2 Cross Rock L over R, recover R
3 &4 Side Shuffle L (Left Right Left )
5-6 Cross Rock R over L, recover L
7&8 Side Shuffle R (RLR) with a 1/4 turn R

Rock Step, 1/2 Turn, Rocking Chair, Shuffle Forward
1-2 Rock Forward L (to RLOD), recover R
3-4 Turn 1/2 turn L (to face LOD) and Rock Forward L, Recover R
5-6 Rock Back L, Recover R
7&8 Shuffle Forward L,Right Left

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Skate, Skate, Shuffle
1-2 Step Forward Right Left
3&4 Shuffle Forward Right Left Right
5-6 Skate L, Skate R
7&8 Shuffle Forward L,Right Left

Pivot Turn, 1/4 Shuffle, Cross Rock Behind, Sway, Sway
1-2 Step Forward R, Turn 1/2 Turn L (weight on L)
3&4 Shuffle 1/4 Turn L (Right Left Right) (facing OLOD)
5-6 Cross Rock L Behind R, Recover R
7-8 Sway L, Sway R

Begin Again